Hey, I’m Sami.

I’m a copywriter and marketing strategist for 5-6 figure creators, influencers, and social media brands.

I’m the guy they come to when they feel the lack of personality in their messaging and struggle with conversion. There are no fancy sales funnels and pushy marketing in this household.

I help them set up their pipeline to get new customers and turn them into happy and recurring clients with a unique solution-problem-based marketing strategy learned from marketing genius Alen Sultanic.

I help them monetize their email list through personality-driven email for maximum money and influence.

As a freelance copywriter and marketing strategist, I’ve crafted good converting copy, including emails, landing pages, sales pages and ads for 200+ clients.

And I’ve developed marketing systems to get them consistent and happy clients.

Here is what people say when they work with me.

Most of these reviews are taken from my Fiverr profile, so the timestamp “xyz months, years ago” is based on when the screenshot was captured.

So, if you feel you have an email list that is not responsive to your emails, you don’t get sales or have no influence on them. Or your landing page isn’t converting well. Or if your pipeline system is broken or not automated.

And you want your email list to love and happily buy from you

Your landing page to convert better

And you want your pipeline system close to perfect – customers enter from the top and flow nicely all the way to the bottom, becoming so impressed with their experience and the product that they can’t wait to leave a great review and privately message their friends about how happy they are about the product they bought, all with little or no input from you.

Then, go here to book a free 15-minute consultation call with me to discuss your specific needs and see if we are a good fit to work together.