Why you are worth more than you think…


We are living in the best times.

The opportunities are in abundance.

And leveraging them is a lot easier compared to 30 years ago.

The economy is more decentralized.

By economy, I mean the digital economy.

30 years ago, if you were a skilled, talented artist, writer, musician, gambler or anything.

There was no easier way to monetize yourself.

Monetize who you are and what your hobbies or interests are.

But with the internet, its a lot easier to show yourself and appeal to masses.

If you think for that you need to be extraordinary.

Remember the internet is full of people who are less intelligent than you, less skilled than you, have less knowledge than you and have everything less than you.

But still they are making hell lot of money.

Think of the reel you were watching and wondering why it got so many views in Ks?

Think of the YouTube video you watched and there was nothing new in it that you didn’t know already.

But it had views in millions.

Think of the TikTokers who share no great value but still making good money and have millions of followers.

If you think these people are scamming or you don’t want to be silly like them to gain followers…

Then remember my friend, they are not scamming.

– They are just being who they ARE.
– They are sharing what they know the best.
– They are growing just like you.

The difference is they are doing it publicly (online).

And doing it in an interesting manner so out of so many internet users, they get the attention of those who find their content likable.

And keep growing.

Why can’t you do the same? After all you think you are better than them and don’t be so called silly influencer like them. Then why not prove it?

What’s stopping you to share your thoughts, learnings, experiences or beliefs?

Don’t you do it every day already?

Think of the conversations you do with your friends, family or anyone.

Don’t you express who you are? What your opinions are? What your thoughts are?

You do it, all the time. We all do.

We are wired to do it.

The reason is, as a species our core goal is to survive.

For humans survival is of 2 kinds

  1. Physical.
  2. Psychological.

Your body keeps itself alive by eating, fighting against diseases and protecting itself on autopilot.

Think of the moment when you were driving and were about to hit a deadly accident, but without you noticing your hands took a turn in the safe direction and saved you.

All happened in micro seconds.

How? Your body performed its duty and protected itself on autopilot. Because it is programmed to do it.

Now the same happens, when you speak.

When someone shares opposing views that doesn’t fit your view of thinking.

Without knowing you’ll get furious, defensive and protective.

You counter argue. You don’t want other person’s views to be proved correct and yours wrong.

Because its a threat to your mental self. Being proved wrong means death to your mental self.

Which your mind doesn’t want at any cost.

Think of when someone said, “Harry Potter story is shit.”

But you love Harry Potter.

What would you do?

Without you knowing your mind will get into defensive mode.

And almost instantly your mind will come up with all the convincing thoughts that prove how amazing Harry Potter is.

With the internet, its easier to confirm your beliefs no matter what they are.

You just google and find dozens of evidences.

Think of COVID-19. The people who didn’t want to believe it, they got evidence for it via a simple Google search.

The internet has fueled our natural “Confirmation Bias” and made us more polarized.

But its a separate topic, will write on it later.

Right now, our focus is on the other side of this polarization phenomenon.

Which means if there can be millions of people believing COVID-19 was nothing.

And millions of people who believe COVID was real.

Than why out of 5.18 billion internet users, you can’t get people agree with your unique thoughts, views, beliefs and skills?

You can. All you need to be is discoverable through your content.

And you should. Because its natural.

Think back the Harry Potter example I shared above.

Why your mind instantly protected your views about Harry Potter?

Same reason. Survival. It just did its duty “survival.”

It did to survive your thoughts, beliefs or views.

Or your mental self.

Now you can relate it to your body’s instant and automatic response against hitting a road accident while you were driving.

All is game of survival.

Coming back to the point.

If you perform this mental survival game online, with time, you start making money from it.

Everyone who creates and shares content online is doing it.

They are playing the mental survival game online, growing likeminded audience and leveraging it to make money.

The more people like and follow them, the more they mentally feel safe, alive and thriving.

So you are meant to create. You are meant to be who you are. And you’re worth more than you think you are.

You are just not doing it online.

You are just not making your interests, views, skills, talents, knowledge discoverable and interesting to others.

So, do 3 things to make money out of who you are

First) Sit and think about the things you love talking about, love thinking about, and love learning about. (Don’t think your interests are silly. I have seen people talking about just one thing. “Potty 🚽 training” and making money out of it. They are selling entire courses and books on it).

Second) Think of ways that are comfortable to you for sharing your interests online. It can be writing. It can be audio. It can be videos.

Third) Start doing it even if you are not perfectly ready. You get perfect by doing, not by thinking. Just share your stuff in a manner it interests other people.

Keep doing it. Not for a year or 2. Make it your lifestyle and eventually it will become your full time income source.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading.

See you in a next post.

– Sami

By Sami

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