Why Gary Halbert’s Eye Centers’ letter worked so well? [According to Gary himself]

In one of the newsletters, Gary shared his ad that he wrote for Dr. Patterson’s eye surgery center.

Then he asked the readers to guess what made that ad work so well and send their guesses to his email address.

He got so many guesses. Only a few were right, some were in the middle, and some totally wrong.

So, in another newsletter, Gary himself explained his ad.

The whole reason why it worked so well was…


In his words, “Specific, detailed proof.”

And I can attest to that. The whole ad is a beautiful example of what we call “show don’t tell.”

Here is a piece from that ad…

Dr. Patterson performs all eye surgeries in an ambulatory surgery center which is licensed by the State of Tennessee and certified by the U.S. Government. The surgery center is built to the exact same standards required for open-heart surgery or brain surgery. For example, Dr. Patterson’s surgery center features:

Humidity Control: Of all the variables involved with a sterile environment and successful Cataract surgery, humidity is one of the biggest. If the humidity was too high, or low, infectious spores could grow or mutate and be carried around the room by human movement.

But Dr. Patterson has gone to extraordinary measures to control humidity in his facility. You see, during construction, the contractors placed a layer of rubberized asphalt laminated to a polyethylene film under the concrete slab to prevent vapor from seeping up through the concrete floor.

Plus, he also uses a combination humidifier/dehumidifier system to add or remove moisture from the air as necessary.

Dust and Airborne Particles: Obviously dust and other airborne particles can cause infections.
Just like humidity, invisible dust or airborne particles may come in contact with the eye during surgery and cause an infection later on. This is why the air in the room is exchanged a minimum of two times every five minutes. Dr. Patterson’s system for doing this is one of the most advanced of its kind, and also includes a HEPA filtration system which filters the dust and particles out of the air at the same time.

Temperature Control: In conjunction with humidity control, temperature control is important in consistent successful outcomes. Dr. Patterson maintains a constant 68° in the room at all times. The surgery center features a digitally controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with graphical software and telelink modem. Dr. Patterson controls the temperature to plus or minus 1/10 (one-tenth) of a degree.

General Cleanliness: In order to maintain general cleanliness and sterility, the room has to be constructed with special flooring and paint. Why? So it can withstand the harsh cleaning agents required to maintain a sterile environment.

Dr. Patterson’s floor covering is an operating room grade, low porous vinyl and the walls are covered with an epoxy-based paint. The ceiling is constructed with a non-particulate material with a vinyl veneer which enables the ceiling to be cleaned.

Dr. Patterson is a stickler for maintaining cleanliness in his operating room and insists the cleaning schedule be followed religiously. And because he goes to these kinds of lengths to make sure there is absolutely no infectious particles in his theatre, many of his patients enjoy a speedy recovery.

What Happens If The Power Goes Out?

There is always someone who asks, “What happens if the power goes out during my surgery?” That is a question Dr. Patterson can easily answer.

Dr. Patterson has a 150 Kilowatt, 480 Volt, 3 Phase backup generator. If you are like me, you have no idea what that means. But what I do know is, within 4-seconds of losing power, Dr. Patterson’s whole building is up and running with full power… and… it can continue like this for 24-hours.

You can clearly see he explained every necessary aspect that the readers would be interested in knowing in specific detail.

That’s what created so much believability in the readers and got the Doc insane response.

Now all of what Dr. Patterson was doing as explained in the ad…was not just unique to him. Many of the other eye surgery centers were following similar practices.

But they didn’t consider it telling to their customers. Hence, they got so much fewer sales compared to what Dr. Patterson was getting.

That’s the power of specific details in your copy backed by solid proofs.

And this is what I learned from reading the Gary Halbert letters today.

Hope you got some value.

Thank you for your time and attention!

By Sami

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