Fair or Unfair…?

was it fair or unfair

According to the world wealth report, 43.4% of the world’s total wealth is owned by only 1% of the population.

But inequality of wealth distribution is not just what we can say, “Not Fair”.

It’s something beyond!!!


You wished to fly but felt that there are more walls to cage you?

You felt right!!

Those who are in power and have connections can just keep flying high and high without facing friction.

But on the contrary…

A poor or middle class has to suffer a lot even to taste what the rich put in dustbins.

The expensive cars, bungalows, lifestyles all attract the common man, but he either dies chasing or wishing for them.

Harshad and Common Man…

Just watched Scam 1992 Indian TV series based on the true story of the Bank Securities scam.

Like every struggling man, the protagonist Harshad Mehta used to gloat at the flying rich eagles in the sky of wealth.

Fascinated by it, he too wanted to try opening his wings in that open air.

Unlike the masses who even don’t think of their wings, he tried to fly.

Since the barrier is large when you are underprivileged, he fell many times but the constant stand-ups after every fall enable him to finally fly side by side to the rich eagles or even sometimes at higher altitudes.

But remember he like many of us was that struggling common man!!

And for every such new chirping bird, there are many cages waiting in the form of laws, rules and unfortunes.

Hence Harshad started facing investigations, jails, inquires, FIRs and media interviews.

And his feathers begin ripping slowly

The story was uncovered by a journalist named Sucheta Dalal.

After the arrest of Harshad, she went to his home to get more detail about his so-called illegal ways of making money.

When she asked a question from Harshad’s wife, she replied in great words, “For you guys it is just the story and you have nothing to do with the person whose story is this.”

The journalist got quiet at this reply.

As she was doing all the investigation and search in quest of finding the truth and facts.

She unknowingly became cold and deaf to the actual human and got interested only in the story.

Because she didn’t realize that she was being used against Harshad by the big whales who extremely wanted him down.

Since working with the elites Harshad knew deeply about their corrupt activities and hence, they were afraid of being exposed.

Fair and Unfair Doesn’t matter

When Harshad’s way of acquiring wealth was labeled unlawful.

He replied, “fair and unfair doesn’t matter when it comes to profit.”

The context of this phrase provides us with deep insight.

The rich, the powerful, and the elite don’t give a damn about what is fair and what isn’t when it comes to their personal gains.

But when a common man goes for a similar thing, he is judged at every step through that lens.

He is put under law…under rules… under regulations.

And mostly he is crushed while just on his attempt to fly or in the middle of it.

Many rich and powerful people were doing the same what Harshad had done to taste the fruit of richness.

But he was punished for his attempt of opening his wings and going into the open air.

And after facing tremendous mental tortures,

He finally died mercilessly in jail.

Was it Fair or not…?

By Sami

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