You have been murdered!!

You Have Been Murdered

As in our culture or society, we are trained not to listen to ourselves.

For we are made to believe that we know nothing.

Want chocolate? I’ll buy you one if you do your homework.

Want a smartphone? Get the first position in final exams, and you’ll have it.

Become a doctor, engineer, join the army or opt for civil services.

Marry this.

Can you feel all your life you have been spoon-fed

and made accustomed to being taken care of

in every aspect of your life. Even after you have grown up?

There is always someone who decides for you.

Whatever you want, there is always someone to give it to you on specific conditions or free.

You might be thinking

What’s wrong with it?

At least am getting what I want and my needs are somehow being fulfilled my life is going well.

My dear, pay attention.


There is a hell of difference between these two simple words.

They reflect a complete mindset.

When you are getting, it means someone is giving. It can be your boss in case of salary, your parents, in case necessities, or your father-in-law in marriage.

You become so accustomed to getting, that in every aspect your thoughts just revolve around getting.

You seek things with the passive approach for It’s safe. It’s easy.

Let’s see… 

With such mind conditioning… if you need money, you would be thinking…

who can lend Me? Whom should I approach? What about borrowing from the bank?

And there you are in DEBT. And this dept can’t always be of money, it can be your time, effort or energy. Depending upon what you tried to GET.

What if…

Instead of being given fish, you were taught how to fish?

Son: You needed Candy?? Ok, do you have money?

No, Papa.

Then you can’t get it.

But I want to…

Ok, let’s do something that can help us get your candy.

Look, son, These are small chickens… take care of them, feed them, and when they are grown we’ll sell them, with that we’ll buy your candy.

Or these are a few seeds of tomatoes. We are planting them when they bear fruits. We’ll get your candy.

Or should we cook? and then sell the product.

Maybe Cakes? Rice? Why not try to make candy at home?

Will such a kid be habitual of getting things??

Of course not.

He would develop the mindset to EARN to MAKE.

Again that’s the whole mentality.

Every moment he needs something…

he won’t be needing to listen to his so-called all-knowing elders.

Instead, he would listen to himself and then find his hows, whys, and whats….

If he is to choose between a job, higher studies, ways of earning, he won’t be stuck or confused.

He won’t hesitate to decide as he will look at what career or choice is going towards the road of his central vision. And what’s not.

It would be so easy for him…

for example, if his central life vision is that I want my life to be devoted towards underprivileged communities… 

Or I want a life of repute…  maybe I want a life of freedom… and so on.

He would be able to decide very easily.

because he had developed the habit of making things and earning them instead of getting them.

Such a person won’t ask before deciding a career, “What will I get? Will there be a good salary?”

Instead, his question will be “What can I make in this career? How much I can create?”

Now… let me ask you one thing. 

Are you someone whose mind is of getting things?

Or someone who is of earning?

Do you have a passive approach towards life, or are you active?

If you say you cannot find what you want from life

and you always get confused when deciding

or feel a constant state of conflict with yourself.

Congrats, my friend…..

You have been murdered!!

It’s up to you now whether you want to revive or not.

By Sami

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