What is it that makes some writing pay?

what makes some writing pay

You can have a perfectly written piece with proper grammar, persuasion formulas embedded, and copywriting principles followed but still…

There are chances that when it gets to the readers, it might be totally ignored by them and may result in zero response.

Because getting a response is a different game.

To better understand, let’s take the example of catching a fish.

You can use the most outstanding ‘fishing tackle’ but it’s the bait that determines whether you succeed in catching the fish or not.

What is the something that the fish would ‘bite on’? You give it to the fish and you have fine fish for dinner.

Same goes for writing that is supposed to get a response. All the countless ways of writing effective copy can be summarized into two sentences…

“What is the bait that will tempt your reader?

How can you tie up the thing you have to offer with that bait?”

It doesn’t matter what you are selling: a book, a coat, a service. As long as you can connect it to what occupies the heart and mind of your prospect, you will get a response.

Imagine you are having a serious discussion with your friend about something that can change your and your friend’s life. All of a sudden a man pats you on the shoulder and says…

‘See here, I have a very fine coat I want to sell you.’

Will you thank him for bringing such a fine coat for you and hand him over your money?

Chances are you will kick him and his coat and bless him with some adjectives.

Why? Because ‘coat’ wasn’t something that you were thinking about at that time. The same is true for your customers; they are always having serious discussions inside their heads.

And when you come to sell to them with your ads, it generates the same level of irritation and maybe anger in them.

So, a better way is finding that thing which occupies their thoughts and heart.

Then use it as bait to get their attention and then offer your product in a way that connects to what is occupying their thoughts.

Make sure your product can get them closer to what they want and lessen their thoughts, and then you have them respond.

That’s what I learned from reading the first chapter of Robert Collier book.

Hope you got some value.

Thank you for your time and attention

By Sami

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