Why the once insanely popular Game of Thrones show died on the vine?

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…and why it is now almost unwatchable even by its hardcore fans?

And what major thing the writers and directors of this world-famous season ignored that Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and others used to build leading businesses?

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, then you might struggle to relate, but I’ll try to explain so you too get the essence of it.

Those who have watched it know how the last season (season 8) disappointed almost every fan.

Characters behaved in a completely inconsistent and kind of idiotic way.

The whole storyline that was built up over 7 seasons for years was abandoned and ignored.

Beloved actors (if you watch their interviews) were totally disappointed. Some even admitted ‘crying’.

All to please a certain segment of the fans who had control of the business at the expense of the very game of thrones story.

Many actors who should have been killed were protected for idiotic reasons.

If you read the lengthy blog on the Scientific American website titled “The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones”…

They showed many reasons behind such failure.

One of the major reasons is…

They shifted from George R.R Martin’s sociological storytelling structure to Hollywood’s typical psychological storytelling structure.

Hollywood is expert at psychological individualistic storytelling but Game of Thrones was different. So, when they forced this individualistic line into the last season of GOT, a very disappointing failure.

Because sociological storytelling was the key reason people madly loved Game of Thrones in the first place.

For example, instead of keeping a character, using the character’s inner conflicts to carry the story they killed them. I still can’t forget the shocking feeling of seeing Ned Stark executed in the first season.

They continued killing the characters you love and see them as heroes.

The story of Game of Thrones didn’t rely on the character to lead…rather it let the external circumstances, or sociology, do the job.

That’s exactly what Steve Jobs did, he didn’t focus on the psychological response of the market, or testing, or analyzing data.

He led the market by introducing iPhone, iPod, or iPad by leveraging sociological market response.

Circumstances were demanding a different unique thing instead of the same old buttoned phones.

One can use it to approach his business.

Please note that, a psychological approach is NOT bad. The point is one shouldn’t solely rely on that.

For example, when you do something bad to someone, you have a very beautiful sociological defense against it. That is, you see you were depressed or sad that’s why you behaved that way. You add the context.

But when someone else does something bad to you, you take it as an individual psychological reason…he is a jerk.

This is why a sociological approach is more thorough to anything whether business, life, or marketing.

That’s what I learned from reading the Gary Halbert letter where he told a social story to promote his seminar. And this blog about the failure of the last episode of Game of Thrones.

Hope you got some value.

Thank you for your time and attention.

By Sami

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