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water spout and copywriting sami awan

For those who don’t know, I read one Gary Halbert letter daily and then share what I learn from reading it.

So, today’s letter started with an interesting story.

Gary first talked about waterspouts. They are tornadoes that happen on water.

To tell you about their magnitude, if you are on a boat and get into a waterspout, it can swirl your boat so fast you might be thrown out of it like a bomb fired from a tank.

One day Gary and his friend were on their boat enjoying the sea.

That’s when they saw a huge waterspout at a distance.

Gary’s friend who was driving the boat, immediately tried turning the boat back to the shore.

But Gary insisted. “Hit that sucker. Go into it.” Gary excitedly said to him.

He still ignored Gary because his own brother was killed by such a waterspout, so he was very careful and hesitant.

But Gary kept asking him to get the boat inside that water tornado.

He gave up and got the boat towards it.

And guess what? Nothing happened. So, Gary asked him to do it again and again until that waterspout got shattered.

Then Gary says he can never forget that day, its imprinted in his memory.

So, anyone who seriously wants to improve their copy skills must write by hand his collection of successful sales letters which he promoted in his seminar.

This will give you the neurological imprint of writing good copy. The same way Gary had the imprint of his boating experience with the waterspout. (Gary said)

He ended the letter with that.

Now notice, how beautifully he kept the interest of the readers alive and never let them bore.

That’s the power of entertaining stories. Copywriting legend John Carlton talks something similar in his book about not boring your readers.

So, that’s what I learned from reading the Gary Halbert letter today.

Hope you got some value.

Thank you for your time and attention.

By Sami

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