When imagination crosses the reality

Imagination Crossing Reality

Who could ever conceive of such a plan?

An antechamber fully interconnected.

Like a bathyscaphe!

And then..My sweet brother… come the bubbles.

You used to love documentaries about the oceans.

Now here is your childhood dream come true.

Watching the flotation level out.

You turn around!!

And see how the bubbles are arising.

They are sparkling.


Sliding through the golden bricks.. until they crash against the ROOF!!

You feel like you are in the space station.

But No.

You aren’t

You are in the vault of the Bank of Spain.


It would be like swimming through a sunken galleon with ninety tons of 24K gold.

What do you think?

Those who have guessed these words might be well aware of the depth of the scene. 

For those who couldn’t, these lines are taken from Money Heist Season 3 Episode Three.

The way Berlin briefs this part makes you feel like you are in the scene yourself. 

Though he couldn’t live enough to experience what he had imagined.

He had already lived that reality more than those who were actually involved in the experience.

On conscious grounds, such a strong imagination is a rare thing.

It’s like living the moment that has never arrived.

Let’s expand this a little.

It is evident that both past and future don’t exist. 

The only moment is NOW.

Your mind has such a strong imagination power that with it, you can travel anywhere from past to future to present effortlessly.

Will you be able to live the moments you ever wished without having them in actuality?

If no chances are, you might also not be able to do so even if they arrive in real.

If yes, then why do you need them to occur in real life? 

Berlin, before the moment was even conceived, had lived it entirely.

So, having it or not was no difference to him.

What if we apply it to tiny portions of our lives, and experience what we crave, just through imagination?

On an individual level, this can help you get rid of the desire to chase unnecessary things, and without having them, you would be able to experience and live them. Purely in your mind.

A person asked another: Would you be sad after you die?

He replied:  No, as I wouldn’t remember that I had ever lived.

This is where the coin is flipped, and here reality crosses the imagination!

Use both to better suit your moments.

By Sami

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